Our History

The City of Waurika was settled after the Comanche, Kiowa and Apache reservation was open for settlement 1901.  The first sale of town lots was held in June of 1902, and Waurika was incorporated in May of 1903.  

The Rock Island Railroad designated Waurika as a division point in 1907, bringing new employees into the town. The year of 1907 brought many more advancements to the community, including a city hall, a steel bridge across Beaver Creek, sidewalks, the Stuard Opera House, and a light plant. 

Main Street, Waurika

Main Street, Waurika

The first Waurika High School graduation took place in May of 1911.    After much debate and allegation, a final vote held in 1912 named Waurika as the County Seat of Jefferson County.   Waurika's first official library opened in 1925, and has since been relocated to the south end of the historic Rock Island Depot.  

Although the original pioneers' vision of Waurika becoming a heavily-populated railroad hub never came be, the city continued to march onward, facing and overcoming struggles common to many rural communities.    

Many historic photos and artifacts are on display at the Waurika Public Library.

Photos found via Rootsweb